• To provide safe supportive shelter for homeless/battered women and children.
  • To provide culturally sensitive non-biased services to women and children in need.
  • To work with the women, children and youth to help them break the cycle of domestic violence, homelessness and poverty, if unchecked, is passed from one generation to the next.
  • To advocate for their legal, social service, housing needs and entitlements.
  • To provide direction, referral and support in efforts toward developing self-sufficient lifestyles and life skills.
  • To provide environment for healing and growing for both mothers and children who have been victims of domestic violence, poverty and homelessness.
  • To provide opportunities for job training/employment skills.
  • To provide opportunities for completing high school/GED.
  • To provide counseling and workshops in developing positive, productive attitudes, self esteem, parenting skills, stress management, and improved communication skills.
  • To provide a cooperative environment for peaceful and supportive community living.
  • To provide assistance in finding transitional and permanent housing.
  • To provide outreach programs to address the problems of domestic violence, homeless and poverty in the community.

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