Items Needed

* Paper Towels
* House Cleaning Products
* Toilet Paper
* Laundry Detergents
* Brooms
* Buckets
* Mops
* Diapers (all sizes) and pull-ups

* Carpet Cleaners
* Rakes
* Lawn Movers
* Heavy Duty Garbage Bags
* Window Shades
* Curtains
* Tall Paper bags for grass
* Lockable Outdoor Sheds for storage
* New Pillows
* Feminine Hygiene Products
* Shampoo, Soap, Deodorant, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste.
*Twin blankets, twin comforters
* New socks and Underwear
* Art supplies, School supplies
* Car booster seats
* Overnight bassinets,
* Good gas stoves,
* Good gas clothes dryers,
* New zippered twin mattress encasement, zippered pillow encasement,
* 5-point toddler car seats – less than 5 years old,
* Cribs – with all their hardware – not recalled & without drop-down sides,
* Front-loading washers, commercial energy-efficient washing machines,
* Recent microwaves, hard-wired telephones,
* Ice melt, door mats, bathroom rugs,
* Recycling bins, storage tote bins with lids,
* Semigloss paint,
* Twin beds, twin bed frames,
* Twin top / twin bottom metal bunk beds with all their hardware,
* Gas station gift cards, home depot gift cards,
* Good refrigerators, pots, pans, blenders, food storage containers,
* Ged books, literacy workbooks, 2011 date books, diaries, note books, reams of paper,
* Wash cloths, rolls of toilet paper, sanitary products,
* Creme rinse/hair conditioner, shampoo,
* Wind-up flashlights, battery clocks, wind-up radios,
* Shelving units, window flower boxes and supports,
* Energy-efficient air conditioners, outdoor table (not glass),
* Nebulizers, humidifiers, breast feeding supplies,
* Baby high-chairs, baby potties, baby bath trays, baby walkers,
* New shower curtains & liners,
* New socks and new underpants – women, girls, boys, and child sizes,
* Perfume-free detergent, peroxide, not antibacterial dish-washing liquid, comet, scrubby sponges,
* Tall (not wide) dressers, wardrobes / armoires,
*Vacuum cleaners with bags, steam cleaning machines, cloth cleaning towels,
* Appliances for wheelchair-accessible kitchen and bathroom.

Make a larger donation? We need insulation, intercom systems, generators, other improvements. We also always need volunteer skilled labor, attorneys, NJ licensed plumbers, electricians, contractors, dental care providers, mentors and volunteers.

Other items

Used vehicles — running or needing minimal work to run
Desktops, Laptop computers monitors
Office supplies
Furniture and clothing in good condition

If you can help in any way, please email us,