Items Needed

* Paper Towels
* House Cleaning Products
* Toilet Paper
* Laundry Detergents
* Brooms
* Buckets
* Mops
* Diapers (all sizes) and pull-ups

* Kitchen table and chairs
* Rakes
* Lawn Mowers
* Heavy Duty Garbage Bags
* Window Shades
* Curtains
* Tall Paper bags for grass
* Lockable Outdoor Sheds for storage
* New Pillows
* Feminine Hygiene Products
* Shampoo, Soap, Deodorant, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste
*Twin blankets, twin comforters
* New socks and underwear
* Art supplies, school supplies
* Car booster seats
* Overnight bassinets
* Good gas stoves
* Dryer clothes
* New zippered twin mattress encasement, zippered pillow encasement
* 5-point toddler car seats – less than 5 years old
* Cribs – with all their hardware – not recalled & without drop-down sides
* Front-loading washers, commercial energy-efficient washing machines
* Recent microwaves, hard-wired telephones
* Ice melt, door mats, bathroom rugs
* Recycling bins, storage tote bins with lids
* Semigloss paint
* Twin beds, twin bed frames
* Twin top / twin bottom metal bunk beds with all their hardware

* Good refrigerators, pots, pans, blenders, food storage containers,
* White copy paper
* Wash cloths, rolls of toilet paper, sanitary products
* Creme rinse/hair conditioner, shampoo
* Wind-up flashlights, battery clocks, wind-up radios
* Shelving units, window flower boxes and supports
* Energy-efficient air conditioners, outdoor tables (not glass),
* Nebulizers, humidifiers
* Baby high-chairs, baby potties, baby bath trays, baby walkers
* New shower curtains & liners
* New socks and new underpants – women, girls, boys, and child sizes
* Perfume-free detergent, peroxide, dish-washing liquid, comet, scrubby sponges,
* Tall (not wide) dressers, wardrobes / armoires,
*Steam cleaning machines (tile/wood floors), cloth cleaning towels
* Appliances for wheelchair-accessible kitchen and bathroom

Make a larger donation? We need insulation, generators, other improvements. We also always need volunteer skilled labor, attorneys, NJ licensed plumbers, electricians, contractors.

Other items

Used vehicles — running or needing minimal work to run
Desktops, Laptop computers, monitors
Office supplies
Furniture and clothing in good condition

If you can help in any way, please email us at