SOS Food Pantry

The SOS Food Pantry is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, agency that is directed and operated by members of StrengthenOur Sisters. Those who visit and use our Food Pantry are people with disabilities, seniors, low income families, and individuals who have lost their jobs. We provide hundreds of low to no income families with nutritionally balanced foods including dairy products, fresh produce, meat, and bread.

Pantry Location:
551 Ringwood Ave.
Wanaque, NJ 07465

Pantry Hours:
Saturday: 10:am-2:00pm

For more information contact Morningstar 973-616-5399

What Can I Donate?

Non-Perishable Food Items (and Non-Food Items in Family Size or smaller)
Food donations are taken Monday-Sunday 10-4pm. Drop off location: 196 Lincoln Ave. West Milford, NJ 07480 Please do not donate food with expired dates.

Most needed items:

• Canned fruit

• Breakfast Cereals

• Toilet Paper

• Spaghetti Sauce

• Dish Soap

• Baby Food

• Sugar

• Flour

• Cooking Oil

• Spaghetti Sauce in Jars

• Coffee

• Beans

• Soups

• Tuna/Seafood

• Meats/Poultry

• Tomato Sauce/Paste

• Chili

• Hash

• Beef Stew

• Dry or Canned Potatoes

• Yams

• Sloppy Joe Mix

•Spaghetti Sauce (jar)

• Peanut Butter

• Dried Beans

• Pastas

• Instant & RegularRice

• Juices

• Cereals

• Pancake Mix

• Pancake Syrup

• Macaroni & Cheese

• Boxed Dinner Mixes

• Sugar/Flour

• Cooking Oil

• Crackers Other

• Laundry/Dish Detergents

• Paper Products (toilet paper, paper towels,

Kleenex, napkins, paper plates)

• Trash/Food Storage Bags

• Plastic Wrap/Wax Paper

• Aluminum Foil

• Cleaning Products Bath Soaps

• Toothbrushes/Paste

• Shampoo/Conditioners

• Deodorants

• Feminine Hygiene Products

Cash donations are needed and appreciated.
Please make your check payable to:

Strengthen Our Sisters
co SOS Food Pantry a
PO Box 359
Wanaque, NJ 07465