MISSION: The mission of Strengthen Our Sisters is dedicated to breaking the cycle of domestic violence, poverty, and abuse by restoring balance and harmony through individual empowerment.


Foreclosure looms for battered women’s shelter as February deadline closes in

David M. Zimmer, North Jersey RecordPublished 5:00 a.m. ET Jan. 9, 2019


They arrive at Strengthen Our Sisters battered, frightened and sometimes homeless.

One woman was escorted by police to the upper Passaic County shelter hidden in the woods following an act of domestic violence.

Another was dropped off by her abusive ex-husband.

A third arrived alone and nine months pregnant. She had been living in her car.

The shelter, home to 155 women and children, may have to shut its doors at the end of the month due to financial troubles.

Strengthen Our Sisters needs $300,000 to save six of its eight properties in Wanaque and West Milford from foreclosure and seizure by a holding company at the end of January, said Sandra Ramos, Strengthen Our Sisters’ founder and director.

“They’ve been working with us, but we’re running out of time,” Ramos said Tuesday of Quantum Servicing Corp. “They’re not offering us another extension.”


Immediate Release - June 2018


Shelter for homeless battered women and children struggling to pay monthly utility bills!


Strengthen Our Sisters(SOS) has provided housing and supportive services to thousands of battered/homeless women and children since 1991. SOS is group of very dedicated people on a  mission.

The shelter is struggling to keep its door open as the utility bills pile up. By the end of the month, the shelter owes more than $10,000 in utility related bills it cannot afford to pay. The shelter has struggled financially when government funding was drastically cut in 2012.  Some creditors are lenient with Strengthen Our Sisters, and are willing to work out a payment arrangement, while others are not. Cutting off the utilities would put a lot of women and children in even a worse situation they are in now.

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