MISSION: The mission of Strengthen Our Sisters is dedicated to breaking the cycle of domestic violence, poverty, and abuse by restoring balance and harmony through individual empowerment.


Strengthen Our Sisters

A place where women can rebuild their lives.

We are here to serve women and children in need.

Women and children who are experiencing abuse/homelessness may be living in their cars, under a bridge, with batterers or child molesters, or in other places unfit for human habitation. Others may be temporarily “doubled up” with family and friends in potentially unsafe and crowded conditions. When people turn to our shelters, they have exhausted all of their options for housing and literally have no place else to go. Our first priority is to get women and children into safe shelter or housing. However, the state regulations limits families from staying at the shelter as long as they need to. We want the state to take their poverty, not their children.  


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We rely on your generosity to continue our life-saving work for individuals and families overcoming domestic violence and homelessness. Learn more about how you can get involved and help us meet the critical need in the community.


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We are here, 24/7, to help victims with counseling, legal support and safe shelter.


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Help the most vulnerable women and children in our community.


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Help empower women & children and provide hope for those who need it most.